Blast, got in yesterday to find that my beloved Acer Aspire L320 medi PC was dead.
Pretty annoyed as I have seen plenty of cases of these machnes packing up just out of warranty. Guess it was always too much power and therefore heat in small package.

I have used this super, powerful and silent little machine for around 18 months as a media hub driving my Sony Bravia flat screen. A replacement for this form factor PC is pretty hard to find.
The specification of was pretty good: Intel Core 2 duo 1.8GHz, 320GB drive, 2GB RAM, built in DTV tuner, Windows Vista, VGA and DVI video outputs, Ethernet and dual layer DVD writer.
It would drive my Sony Bravia at a full 1080p over HDMI without breakinga sweat.

Going to be difficult to replace this one for a reasonble price (as I recall it cost around £350).

Current candiates include:

Asus EEEBox – Tiny form factor, 1.6GHz Atom based, 160GB drive, up to 2GB RAM, built in wireless.
Looks like a contender but I have seen some videos that indicate its not powerful enough to deliver full 1080p video. It doesn’t have a DVD drive built in which is a bit of a problem when targetting for use as a media PC.

Apple Mac Mini – Small form factor, 2GHZ core 2 duo with 120GB drive, 1GB RAM and a DVD drive, built in wireless and bluetooth for £499.

Compaq CQ2000 – Small(ish) form factor, Atom 230 based, 160GB drive, 1GB RAM and Dual layer DVD writer for £229. This is not an especially small machine being about 1/3 the size of a standard desktop.

Any more ?

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